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The finished size is 18 inches square (45cm)

Print-at-home PDF Sewing Pattern

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Christmas Tree Patchwork Pillow
PDF Sewing Pattern

By Tikki London

Price US$7.50 (= approx. 5.95)

Instructions are for machine sewing.
Instructions for zip closure included.

Fabric requirements:
12 x 2” by 21” strips of assorted fabrics for the trees

24” or 60cm (total) of assorted light fabrics for the background

1 x 1⅛” by 18” wide strip dark tree trunk fabric

20” (50cm) square of backing fabric
20” (50cm) square of lining fabric (such as muslin)

1/4yd fabric for straight binding

20” (50cm) square of batting

Thread for piecing and quilting

School protractor ruler with angles

Helpful tools:
24” long ruler
5” square ruler

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