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Finished size: approx. 3” by 11” (7cm by 27cm)

Digital print-at-home PDF Sewing Pattern


Prism Shaped Patchwork Pouch
PDF Sewing Pattern

By Tikki London

Skill Level: All levels as long as you can sew

Price 5.95 (=approx. US$7.50)

This is a great zippy pouch - it would be suitable for pens & pencils or for carrying around make up and other daily essentials in a handbag
Happy sewing.

Material requirements
 (exact measurements are in the PDF file)

24 squares of assorted fabrics
Lining fabric
Sewing thread to match

* 505 Spray adhesive
* Quilting thread for hand or machine
* Point turner
* Stiff fusible interfacing for firmer pouch design.



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