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Tutorial for mitred corners


Allow some extra length for the border fabric strips - have them rather too long and than too short.

Stitch all 4 strips to the edges, but stop stitching exactly ” before the start and end, and secure the seams with a few back stitches.

Take the quilt to the ironing board, press borders outwards.

Arrange the mitred corners in place by folding one side of each corner diagonally under, so that the fabric tails are aligned and the corners look neat.  Press & pin in place.

Stitch the corners in place by hand using a couple of blind stitches from the right side of the fabric. 

Or carefully pin in place and machine stitch from the wrong side, but it is difficult to get the needle neatly right into the corner, so a little hand stitching is perfect here.

 Trim any excess fabric away from the wrong side.

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